Frequently Asked Questions

Airlines anticipate all sorts of questions, and since policies may differ between airlines, it’s always best to check with each individual company when making your travel plans. Also, if you haven’t traveled recently, it is a good idea to refresh your knowledge and check for updated policies and security procedures, as they are always adapting. You can never be too prepared!

American Airlines Conditions of Carriage

How Early Should I Arrive Prior to My Flight?

The generally accepted standard for airports in the United States is 1.5 to 2 hours prior to your scheduled time of departure. Of course, what is required can vary, but per American Airlines policy, check-in is completely closed and will not be permitted 45 minutes prior to departure, as referenced on its website. At the gate, boarding ends 15 minutes prior to departure. We strongly recommend arriving, at a bare minimum, 1.25 to 1.5 hours in advance.

What Am I Allowed or Not Allowed
to Pack in My Luggage?

There are very important regulations stating what you can and cannot pack in both your carry-on and checked baggage, which is determined by the federal government and enforced by the TSA for our safety. You may have heard about the “3-1-1 Rule” regarding liquids, gels, creams and aerosols. Please refer to the TSA’s explanation by clicking the button below. Along with these, there are many other prohibited items, from weapons to lighters and matches. Please refer to TSA’s comprehensive list by clicking the button below.

What Are the Size Restrictions
for Carry-Ons?

There are many important guidelines that must be followed when bringing carry-on luggage, both in the size and weight of your luggage (set by each airline). You can find American Airlines’ restrictions below.

Want to Become an Expert Traveler?

Check out these fun facts and helpful tips, courtesy of the TSA!

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