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Moving Greenville, North Carolina, beyond the ordinary, our mission is to embrace our community to enhance the quality of life for everyone here in our region. The up-and-coming center of aviation for the entire region, Pitt-Greenville Airport (PGV) is dedicated to connecting every member of our community to the rest of the world with speed, ease and convenience.

Located near I-40 and I-95 and neighbors to East Carolina University and Vidant Medical Center, we’re a central part of the community. We’re also one of Greenville’s fastest-rising resources.


As the Greenville region continues to grow, we’re going above and beyond to ensure we can meet your travel needs far into the future. PGV is more than an airport—we’re a vibrant center of activity for the entire region and a symbol of the ever-increasing progress of our community. We’re hard at work to increase the number of flights in and out of PGV each day. We’re constantly making improvements to our terminal for added enhancement of your travel experience.

You should expect to see more positive growth at PGV in the coming years.


Since day one, PGV has been committed to your safety. That’s why this forward-thinking airport is already equipped with the most sophisticated navigation technology utilized by the aviation industry. We spare no expense ensuring that private and commercial flights arriving or departing from PGV enjoy the advantage of every piece of data needed to operate properly in all weather conditions. So while our administration works daily to ensure reliability and convenience for every passenger, our highest priority is your safety.

Administrative Staff

If you have questions or wish to contact the airport administrative staff, please call us at 252-902-2026.

Bill Hopper

Kim W. (Bill) Hopper

A.A.E., Executive Director

April Cannon

Finance and Administration Manager

John Hanna

Operations Manager

Pitt-Greenville Airport Authority Board

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Vice-Chairman/ Secretary/Treasurer

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Board Member

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